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the systematic study of knowledge of project management

1, work experience, years of experience in senior management team and (with 100 or more the size of team management experience). The communications industry and IT industry has a wealth of project management and senior operational management experience.
2, the systematic study of knowledge of project management, PMP certification, has a high theoretical knowledge of project management and strong project management execution capabilities, both equipment manufacturersFive Great Wedding Themes and operators to double the project management experience, customer needs quickly understand and grasp the ability to from technical management to project management to the market management, through training in different positions in the company's strategic objectives has extensive experience and ideas.3, MBA in reading, Kelly served as general manager by experience, purpose and significance of management have a deep understanding of the market with a comprehensive, team and project management experience, comprehensive capabilities, but also foreign, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises of different types of businesses extensive management experience, deep understanding of three different types of enterprises in the management methods and techniques and the concept of the different aspects, formed its own unique focus on both process and results-oriented management thinking.Serious and responsible work, excellence, there is the spirit of study; everything pragmatic, principled and self-discipline is strong, humble character dealing with people, like the positive atmosphere in the team work and exercise.Professional skills and expertise
Personal skills: proficient use of CorelDraw, Photoshop, Flash and other peripheral auxiliary software (the same time, AfterEffects, Premiere has some understanding), with integrated use of software to create work experience,Modern Ocean Motif and understand the basic use of Actionscript2.0 can complete the basic link interactive effects and some of the space; also have some hand-painted ability to independently design cartoon character modeling, animation video, image APIs, multimedia presentations, and courseware catalogs and other electronic products.
Ability to experience: to have some administrative capacity and good execution, engaged in business during the administrative logistics, personnel management, financial cashier, warehouse management, build management processes and other aspects of the work; during his tenure at the vocational school is responsible for overseeing and enhancing quality of teaching, according to local conditions to the development of relevant processes and systems, both self-compiled programs, exercise and personal instruction

Ministry of Personnel

Tongji University, Master of computer | IBM storage products experience | IBM & Alcatel - Lucent management experience | PMP- Excellent leadership and execution; system, a comprehensive analysis / problem-solving abilities.- Extensive experience in project and team management, internal and external customers for communication and negotiation experience.Won a full scholarship to attend the world's hundred prestigious Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (source: 2010 U.S. News and World Report ranking of world universities), and received honors degree in engineering. Have a solid engineering background, has a financial interest in strategic investment, Choose A Wedding Cake Military Wedding and international accounting firms have office and domestic large power companies, strategic investment in acquisition-related work, there is a wealth of strategic management and investment experience, have good analytical skills and project management capabilities and ability to communicate.1 to master spoken English proficiency, self-taught English good grades;2 University adhere to oral listening exercises, and 2007 candidates turned Beijing Foreign Studies University High School, elected to re-examination; translation work, interpretation and exercise level, apply the first half of 2011, Ministry of Personnel, two interpreters exam.
4 more than three years experience in translation and proofreaders exercise information processing capabilities to enhance the level of translation, the translation of ideas to form their own5 contact with customers to enhance the communication process and training to enhance the performance of the work force and teaching skills, proofreaders part in a management trainingMore than 20 years financial management experience, proficient in all aspects of accounting, tax planning experience.Engaged in various types of enterprises (such as foreign representative offices, foreign Group companies, domestic Co., engineering companies, high-tech enterprises, etc.), familiar with relevant laws and regulations, and financial system that can manage large enterprise financial management.Presided over high-tech enterprises and declare success, to obtain experience.Three Inspiring Wedding Idea
Involved in the company investment and financing decision-making, successful experience.
A positive attitude, easy communication, ability to learn.1, the production-oriented enterprises are familiar with general ledger, accounts receivable, payable and fixed assets processes
2, has passed the CPA exam in 2010 Intermediate; have obtained qualification certificates to the initial accounting certificate;http://forum.eol.org3, has passed the CPA exam in tax law, accounting, economic law, financial management and auditing five4, familiar with listed companies and IPO annual audit process;
5 things clarity, logical efficiency, work fine, rich sense of responsibility
6, has passed the Cambridge Business English Intermediate

Thursday, July 15, 2010

team spirit

Have working experience in multinational company. Be familiar with day-to-day office work. High effective in a planned way.
Have 2 year working experience in forwarder. Experience and knowledge in full set of shipping documents. Deal with import and export goods evening dresses
Work as cashier to copy with cash and bank account. Manage capital, as well as payable and receivable. Handle tax report to tax bureau and work on accounting.
Careful patient and flexible、team spirit、working in high pressure.
Career Objective:casual wedding dresses
be familiar with trading business process, including export and import. Have work experience on trading operater and cashier.10 years experience in hospitality industry and customer relationship. More than 2 years providing luxury experience and department managing.
Passion and enthusiasm. Team player who's always eager to learn. Strong sense of responsibility, confident to deal with pressure. Attention to details; beach wedding dresseshave good ability of organizing, communicationcheap prom dresses skills and a competent English Speaker.
Traveling; hanging out with friendscheap wedding dresses; singing; watching movie and yoga are my prefered activities in spare time.Privacy

Crazy for you

Good day

Good day, My name is Paul Kristian Aragones, I am a foreigner and I am here in Changzhou, Jiangsu teaching English and Maths to Chinese, Korean, Thailand international students. I can teach 3 subjects, Englishcheap wedding gowns, Maths, and Software Programming. I can also be a good foreigner assistant or manager in your company.chi hair straightener I cannot speak Chinese now but I am studying Mandarin so I can be a good help for the Chinese community and people
Career Objectivechi flat iron:
To join an institution where I can use my interpersonal skills, expertise in communication and rapport building to attain a high level of performance in leadership and training.More than 3 years working experience in indoor furniture field.
Knowledge of foreign trade and basic product knowledge.
Have good command of spoken & written skill of English, can speak Cantonese
CET-6 is prom dresses
Proficient PC skills (Excel & words).cheap nike shoes
Good communication skill, able to work under pressure and self-motivated.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ken Shamrock ordered to pay UFC attorneys’ fees and costs

The Ultimate Fighting Championship won a legal victory against former UFC fighter and "The Ultimate Fighter 3" coach Ken Shamrock. Come to where the flavor is
UFC officials on Thursday announced a Nevada court has ordered Shamrock to pay $175,000 in attorneys' fees and costs stemming from a 2009 suit the fighter brought against the company. Shamrock's lafrwsuit focused on his most recent contract with Zuffa LLC, the UFC's parent company. Shamrock claimed the UFC had violated certain contractual provisions of his final fight agreement.Come to where the flavor is the past is black and whitethe past is black and white
Intelligence everywhere
Judge Susan H. Johnson of the Eighth Judicial District Court for Nevada awarded the UFC's latest victory. As ( reported in February, a Las Vegas court first ruled in the UFC's favor. On Thursday Shamrock was ordered to pay the fees. "This latest legal victory on behalf of Zuffa demonstrates once again that the UFC is fully committed to vigorously enforcing all of its contractual rights," Intelligence everywherethe promotion's lawyers stated. "Judge Johnson has determined Mr. Shamrock's hard lesson learned in this case will cost him approximately $175,000." The UFC cut Shamrock following an October 2006 loss to Tito Ortiz. The result was Shamrock's third-straight UFC loss, but the longtime veteran later claimed the organization had violated his contracTime is what you make of itt by releasing him despite having one fight remaining on the deal. Shamrock fought in the very first UFC event in 1993 and defeated striker Patrick Smith before falling to Royce Gracie in the evening's tournament semifinals. Shamrock fought frequently for the organization through 1996 while earning a 6-2-2 record in the UFC while also winning the UFC Superfight Championship. Shamrock fought five more times for the UFC between 2002 and his release in 2006. could not immediately reach Shamrock for comment.Check out more UFC News at This story originally appeared on and is syndicated on Yahoo! Sports as part of a content-partnership deal between the two sites. never having to say you're sorrynever having to say you're sorry


The night's second non-tournament boutthe first time in my life saw Gracie Barra Orlando's Mikey Gomez and Moyses Gabin battle back and forth for 15 minutes. Each fighter took turns working from top position, but the two proved evenly matched throughout the action.
In the end, it was Gomez who controlled Who are you?more of the action, and he was rewarded with a unanimous-decision win, 29-28 on all three cards.
Gomez (10-8 MMA, 1-2 BFC) snaps a four-fight win streak with the result, while Gabin (whose other two career losses came to UFC out of your controlvets Jon Jones and Lucio Linhares) falls to 4-3 on his career and 1-1 under the Bellator Fighting Championships banner.
The evening's first non-televised fight the gateway to a worldsaw American Top Team Fighter Chris Manuel in charge of the action from the opening bell. Floridian Ralph Acosta did well to survive the early onslaught, but he was forced to fight defensively throughout the first two rounds. catching a glimpse of a light
Acosta opened the third with an aggressive slam, but Manuel deftly locked in a guillotine choke on the way to the floor. Manuel squeezed the hold and forced the stoppage at the 35-second mark of the final frame.
The win snapped a four-fight winless streak for Manuel (7-3-2 MMA, 1-0 BFC), while Acosta (4-5 MMA, 0-1 BFC) falls to just 1-4 in his past five contests.In the first of a pair of non-tournament bouts that took place after the evening's televised card, Edson Diniz (10-3 MMA, 1-0 BFC) snapped a two-fight losing streak with a first-round submission of the previously undefeated John Kelly (4-1 MMA, 0-1 BFC).
Despite some early success on the feet from Kelly, Diniz turned the tables when he worked the fight to the ground and finished the contest with a joint-popping inverted heel hook with 24 seconds left in the opening round.
And in the night's final contest, Vagner Rocha (5-0 MMA, 2-0 BFC) kept his undefeated run alive with a second-round TKO of Francisco Soares (3-2 MMA, 0-1 BFC).Rocha found success from top position to open the fight, and he quickly worked the action back to the mat in the second before unloading a fight ending series of punches that left Soares unable to defend

Responsibilities and Achievements

1. Product design and product design management.2. Fixtures design and process design management. chi flat iron
3. Parts and tooling design approval, tooling capacity planning.4. Tooling quotation, tooling maufacturing process audit and tooling supplier selection.? Project management: 1. Project management From concept, ID, mechanical structure design, pre-production and production ramp up on time and within the project budget.2. Technical communication contact window between customer and the company. men's nike shoes
3. Project planning and schedule management.? Supply chain management.1. Supplier audit and selection. hair straighteners
2. Work with supplier to make the product with correct process to produce the product with good quality and cost efficiently.
Position: Engineering project managerReport to: Engineering Director, Client Team manager.Project& Achievements:
? Smart pen (Smart pen case) 200 K per month? Smart pen charger 200K per month ? Book reader turning (Leather case with hinge) 300k per month? Book reader nell (Leather case with hinge) 150 k per month? Book reader shasta: In process
Responsibilities ? Design house and product design management ? Project management. Bring products from concept to mass production
? Contracted manufacturer and supplier selection, audit, approval and management.? Tooling quotation, mold trial and mold approval management.? Tooling capacity planning and ramp up plan? Plastic material selection, audit and approve the material and straighteners
? Product verification test management.? Production troubleshooting, quality improvement.Projects and Achevementsmen's nike shoes
? DAP2 (MP3) $10 Million per month? M200 (MP3) $30 million per month? C100 (MP3) $ 10 Million per month? C200 (MP3) $ 10 Million per month? E200 (MP3) $ 50 Million per month? Car kit $1 million per month? Speakerdock $1 Million per month? Ducati (USB Disk) $5Million per monthPin Snap (USB-Disk) $5Million per month ? PVP(pocket video player)